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This week we’re focusing on what does a balanced meal for a specific time of day look like. Eating is not just about what you put into your body, it also includes the time of day you’re eating and in what combination with other foods. All of this, and much more, has a huge impact on the current and long term health of your mind and body.
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Please note the date and delivery TIME CHANGE for this week.
Sunday, July 8th – all orders must be received no later than 10am on Sunday morning for delivery on Sunday evening.
– Black forbidden rice (high in anti-oxidants, fibre, protein, low carb, rich in iron)
– Trinidad style stewed green lentils (low carb, high protein, high fibre)
– Pan fried okra (pan frying removes the “slime” (brain food, high fibre and vitC)
– Dasheen leaf spinach (high in iron, vitC, protein and brain food)
– Immune boosting salad
Thursday, July 12th – all orders must be received before 7pm on Wednesday.
– Light and fluffy cauliflower/white bean mash with
– Chocolate spiced roasted portobello mushrooms
– Sauteed kale
– Garlic roasted sweet broccoli
– Immune boosting salad