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 Flavour!!!  If there’s one thing you can be guaranteed from Ki’s Kitchen it’s flavourful food! On Sunday, March 25th we will be hosting a cooking class on cooking delicious food on a budget. In dedication to that class, this week’s menu will highlight some of the tasty flavours we will be exploring.Wednesday, March 21st – all orders must be received before 7pm on Tuesday.

– Eddoes (root vegetable similar to potatoes with much more flavour), steamed in coconut milk
– Tangy tomatoes cooked with sweet onions and garlic
– Turmeric and cumin infused chickpeas
– Bok choi pan fried with mustard seeds

Friday, March 23rd – all orders must be received before 7pm on Thursday.

– Trinidad style stewed red beans
– Light and fluffy cauliflower mash
– Callaloo (dasheen leaf spinach in coconut milk with steamed pumpkin and okra)
– Stir fried mixed vegetables 

from our Kitchen to yours,
**Please remember if you have any allergens, additional requirements, or questions — do not hesitate to contact us! 

**Please note ALL dishes must be ordered the day BEFORE by 12:00 p.m. This ensures the freshness of ingredients and diligence in its preparation.

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From our Kitchen to yours,
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