Eating Right To Help Thwart the Effects of Diabetes

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April 22, 2016
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August 3, 2016
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A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine told me she was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She said she has been very busy and doesn’t have time to cook proper meals for herself to keep her blood sugar levels in check, and asked if i would do it for her. we came up with a plan and proceeded. It’s been a week since we started, and today she totally made my day! When i met her today she said her blood sugar levels are in check, she is no longer retaining water, she thinks her mood has improved, she doesn’t feel tired or sleepy after eating, and she’s always full. fyi – she is NOT a vegetarian, but has been eating like a vegan all week. she then went on to say that she went out for dinner over the weekend, and immediately noticed a difference in how she felt after that meal, compared to how good she was feeling all week, and decided it wasn’t worth the discomfort to go back to eating as she used to.

My reason for mentioning this is because her testimony today affirmed my purpose for starting this company, and gave my business life meaning again, which i had lost a year ago.

To that friend i say thank you. Thank you for sharing how you feel and for trusting me to help you. Thank you for helping me to confirm that this is truly one of my purposes in life. xoxo!

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