What Do Your Diet, Inflammation, and Breast Cancer Have in Common?

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October 5, 2017
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With this in mind, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my knowledge with you. Breast cancer is not just a cancer that affects women, men can get breast cancer too. And if that isn’t enough, we all have women in our lives who we love dearly. So, Instead of just going about our lives and hoping for the best, there are steps we can take to prevent the development of cancers in our bodies. Here, I will share with you some of the ways an anti inflammatory, and even a gluten free diet can help to prevent breast cancer. 

Fresh Producebreast cancer

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an obvious (and delicious) first choice. The fiber and phytonutrients found in green leafy vegetables like spinach and cabbage offer your body what it needs to form a great digestive foundation. Eaten in addition to berries and fruits, you will be creating an anti inflammatory environment ready to absorb the essentials needed to allow your immune system to work at maximum capacity. Choosing organic when you can (see previous post on choosing in season and organic produce) will change the way your body performs too. And it changes the way your body naturally fights off an illness before you even know you have one. If you think about it, our bodies are fighting for us before we even know we have come in contact with an illness.


Going vegan may seem like a dramatic step in the right direction. However the truth remains that plant based proteins are abundant, they are filling, and they are the healthiest way to nourish your body. Plant proteins from beans are the greatest anti inflammatory gift you can give your body, with tofu or tempeh coming in a solid second. Aside from the complete proteins available with beans, the fiber content will have your digestive system working like a well oiled machine. If you absolutely must consume animal products, anything organic or grass fed is the only option that should be considered. At Ki’s Kitchen, we don’t include meats or soy products in our menu, however, the choice is yours. 

Fatsbreast cancer

Yes, fats. I’m not talking about cupcakes and chips here. More like the fats found in walnuts, cashews, and avocado. Consider switching up canola oils and butters in exchange for coconut oil. Your body needs healthy fats to maintain optimal functioning of your digestive system, leading to less inflammation in the gut and bowels. Vegetarianism or veganism, also known as the exclusion of animal fats and products such as meat and dairy is an important piece of the anti inflammatory transition. This is because it will allow your body the room it needs to heal and to ultimately protect your body from cancers.


Carbs often come with a bad reputation. Although some carbohydrates are troublesome, not all carbs are created equal. Sweet potatoes, grains, beans, quinoa, basmati rice, and squashes are all great sources of carbohydrates that your body needs to get through the day. When eaten in moderation, carbohydrates are a part of a well balanced and anti inflammatory diet. Choosing carbohydrates with a low glycemic index is always a good way to ensure you are treating your body right, and allowing it room to maintain a strong immune system. As a result, avoiding carbohydrates made from flours and sugars, including prepackaged snack foods are a great way to remember what’s helping you, and what’s hurting you. 


You may or may not have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity.  However it is important to know that many people have an intolerance but don’t know it. The problem is that even a sensitivity can cause lead to inflammation in your gut, and it’s this inflammation that leads to your body’s inability to protect itself. Going gluten free is a choice, particularly if you don’t have an allergy. As a result, even reducing the amount of gluten you ingest can lead to dramatic improvements in digestion, cognitive clarity, and immune function. 

Spicesbreast cancer

My favourite part of every dish is my signature spice combinations. These beautiful mixtures are what enhance the flavors and the anti inflammatory function of every dish I design. The use of turmeric, black pepper, coconut, and curries are all spices that will allow your body the opportunity to function at it’s best. In addition, turmeric tea has become a popular addition to meals, and although it may not be the tastiest, the health benefits are immeasurable.

Breast Cancer is The Second Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women. Although there are conflicting reviews on breast cancer prevention, the bottom line is a healthy and active immune system will afford your body the strength to fight. Being in the best health possible will help you or your loved ones prevent diseases. The combination of an anti inflammatory diet and an increase in physical activity will have you looking, feeling, and functioning better. As a result, if nothing else you will have peace of mind knowing you are doing your best to remain healthy.

I’ve Done The Research For You

  1. So, although there may not be a definite commonality between inflammation and breast cancer, we can all agree that a strong immune system is your greatest defence against all illnesses. At Ki’s Kitchen I have carefully researched, tested, and loved the work put into creating these menu’s. The goal was to ensure the foods created are exactly what I said they would be. Through battles with my own illness, and those of the people closest to me, it became my mission to provide you all with the best anti inflammatory foods and combinations. What started as a labour of love has turned into a mission to help as many people as I can live the best quality of life.

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