Feed Your Joy!

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Imagine eating something that is so delicious, you end up licking your plate!  And on top of that you feel EMPOWERED, INVIGORATED, ENERGISED, and HAPPY!  Adding plant-based foods to your meals is not as expensive as you think!  Feed Your Joy gives you all the finger-licking recipes and tools you need to make THE MOST flavourful plant-based meals of your life for much less than you pay for coffee in a month!!  NOW GET IT ALL FOR FREE FOR 30 DAYS!!!

“I’m hooked. Not only is her food always flavourful…it is soooo healthy! I am amazed at how much better I feel when I eat her meals consistently. I have more energy, and crave salt and sugar less frequently. I just feel better all around!  My husband especially loves how Ki incorporates West Indian flavours into her dishes. We have tried other meal services in the past and no one even comes close, in my opinion. You will not find better tasting, healthy delicious food like Ki’s Kitchen ANYWHERE else!!! – J.D.

Feed Your Joy will – 

  • Provide you with inspiring, plate-licking recipes, that will have you and your family coming back for seconds every time! 
  • Cooking demos to teach you how to easily combine a wide variety of flavours and ingredients for a scrumptious dish, no matter your dietary preference or restriction.  
  • Support you, cheer you on and answer all of your questions in our private Facebook Group to help you maintain a healthy gut and weight.
  • Set you up to achieve a resilient mind & body through Ayurvedic nutrition and mindfulness.
  • Aid you in easing your mental stresses and physical pains/illnesses with anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • Encourage you to thrive through plant-based, low-carb, refined-sugar free, and gluten-free flavours and textures, that are easy to prepare and gentle on your wallet.

Don’t hesitate!  Join now! Details below on how to get your first 30 days FREE!!

      “Ki’s food is absolutely delicious!  It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian or a devout meat eater, each dish is unique and bursting with flavour, that you can’t help but love it!!” –  J.R. 

I am SO OVERJOYED, HONOURED AND BLESSED to offer this program to you!  I can’t think of a better way to serve you!  And, it doesn’t matter what food plan you’re on – keto, paleo, whole 30, vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, even non-vegetarians need to eat a vegetable! We’ve got something plate-licking and lip smacking waiting for you!!

“I would admit when I saw her food at a public event I was disappointed the guys ordered vegetarian food for a meat lover like myself.  I helped myself to a couple great tasting chicken Tacos only to find out they weren’t chicken but Jack Fruit Tacos 😱. Wait a minute “ the Tacos I ate wasn’t Chicken!  I then proceeded to try the other food she had and I couldn’t believe Vegetarian food can taste this great I am now trying a couple of her recipes since I cannot have her here to whip these up for me.  Thank you KI you would make me a Vegetarian.”  N.B.

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I’m an Ayurvedic, anti-inflammatory, healing-foods chef and educator. In the past, I was obese, at over 200lbs, suffering with several forms of inflammation.  My husband’s doctor wanted him to fill up on pills for all his chronic illnesses.  On top of all that, one of our loved ones was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We all decided that we would take charge of our health and make the changes we needed to.  At the end of 6 months my husband lost over 72lbs, never took a pill, and no longer had any health problems. I dropped 4 dress sizes and was no longer suffering from the symptoms of my previous diagnoses. Our loved one’s MS went into remission. This all happened in 2015, and we’ve been golden since!                                                          

With your $20/month (all taxes extra) subscription you will be able to dive into the secrets of superb tasting plant-based foods, that also provide exhilarating immune boosting benefits to your mind, body and spirit.  Once you’ve subscribed you will receive a welcome email in your inbox, detailing all the benefits and extras of being part of Feed Your Joy, so look out for it! You deserve to thrive, come join us now!

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*Click on the link to subscribe so that we receive your email address to send you the recipes and links to the private group where all the goodies are stashed.  Once you subscribe you will be issued a refund.  If you like what you receive for the 30 days, then continue with us at the regular price.  If not, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.  Start and stop at your command.
** Disclaimer – we are not doctors and make no claims to cure any disease or illness. All claims are research-based from professional holistic practitioners. We make no claim to their work and no promises of results. If you are unsure about something you’ve read, best to consult your holistic health practitioner. The aim of the Feed Your Joy! program is to help you make better food decisions.