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here’s how our lunch program works
– minimum order of 5 lunches per office per day.
– for the pickering/ajax area there is no limit.
– if your office orders for 5 weeks consistently, just one day of the week, the 6th week will be free. i.e. if you and 4 of your colleagues order lunch for 5 wednesdays in a row, then on the 6th wednesday i will give all of you a free lunch.

FIRST TIME ORDER LUNCH SPECIAL – as part of our attempt to spread the word about ki’s kitchen, we are offering any and all offices a one-time free 5 lunch give away on your first order.

delivery – lunches – free and delivered directly to your office.

the food is packaged in a compostable container for easy disposal.

who can benefit – everyone! doctors, lawyers, office workers, construction workers, teachers, care givers, hotel/building/maintenance staff, etc. anyone who doesn’t have easy access to healthy, affordable food.


LUNCH – $12/serving, available monday-friday