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  • Eating to Heal through Food Consultations
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I’ll show you My pantry if you’ll show me Yours!

Kis Kitchen-Rescue Program

Taste the difference, and FEEL the difference of anti-inflammatory, immune boosting meals- right at HOME!
With Ki’s Kitchen-Rescue Program, you’ll get the education and support you need to make healthy healing-foods choices. You’ll learn how to incorporate more plant-based food options into your diet, which will be customized to suit your specific needs. You get all of this, right in your own kitchen!
Get the complete program here or purchase our meal option below:


Mind & Body Consultation

Healing through the power of food

Consultation Services

Ki’s Catering & Potluck Menu

Have you ever been to an event where there wasn’t ANYTHING you could eat except veggie sticks?  It’s not the fault of the host, many people are daunted by the thought of preparing delicious meals for people who have food restrictions due to health, allergies or preference.
Enter Ki’s Kitchen!! We know, better than most, what it feels like to not be able to eat anything at a party, and in turn, making your host feel horrible. We make anti-inflammatory, preservative-free and diabetic friendly meals which are good for cancer and diabetes patients.

To save everyone the embarrassment, we’ve released our Catering & Potluck menu!!

There are 2 parts to this menu;
  1. The Indulgent Foods Menu for the carefree eater
  2. The Healing Foods Menu

A full meal menu is also included below. 

Feel free to order from either at anytime.  You can request a combination from both if you’re feeling a bit naughty and nice! 
Whether you have a gluten or dairy intolerance, or you’re vegan or living with chonic inflammation, with Ki’s Catering and Potluck menu, no matter what your food restrictions are, you’ll always have something to eat at your next celebration!

Indulgence Menu

Ki's Kitchen Catering

** not all items on this menu are vegan, but all ARE vegetarian.

1.  Kachori  

A perfect blend of chickpeas and yellow split peas mixed with Ki’s Green Seasoning, formed into small patties and fried.  Served with our FAMOUS Tamarind Chutney or Green Mango Chutney.  There has never been a time when I’ve made these and there are any left overs!  These tasty bites will be the hit of your next celebration for sure!!
***Minimum order 2 dozen.

2. Veggie Pakoras

Chopped cabbage/kale/onions/cauliflower mixed into a chickpea batter with Ki’s Green Seasoning, shaped into patties and fried.  Served with our FAMOUS Tamarind Chutney or Green Mango Chutney.
***Minimum order 2 dozen.

3. Trinidad style macaroni pie, served with Trinidad style red kidney beans

Ki's Kitchen Catering
** This pie is NOT vegan.  It contains dairy based cheese.  If you’ve not lived until you’ve had, not only a Trinidad style macaroni pie, but KI’S macaroni pie.  We’ve had so many requests to add this item to our menu, even though it is not vegan, we could not refuse.  This is what we call a moreish indulgence!
***Minimum order serves 4

4.  SIGNATURE DISH – Jerk barbecue or tandoori spiced or coconut curry infused jackfruit tacos

Jack Fruit Taco Ki's Kitchen Catering

Served with a ranch style or coriander/mint coleslaw.  This dish speaks for itself!  It is our #1 best seller and is the most catered item requested!  Can’t question the masses!

***Minimum order serves 2

5. Buffalo cauliflower bites

Catering Menu Pickering
Served with a ranch style coleslaw.  No need for chicken wings when our Cauliflower bites are available for you to relish in!  Make these delectable delights your next party app!
***Minimum order serves 4.
Healing Foods Menu

1. Faux Egg Salad

faux egg salad catering

Chickpeas mashed with vegan mayo and pickles, blended with the perfect balance of herbs and spices.  Served in sweet bell peppers. Nope, it’s not eggs, I promise!!  But the textures and flavours will sure fool you into thinking it is!  Forget the old faithful potato salad, and dive into our faux egg salad for a refreshing change!
***Minimum order serves 2.

2.  SIGNATURE DISH – Eggplant casserole

Eggplant layered with cauliflower mash, kale, coconut sambal, Ki’s Tamarind Chutney and Ki’s Sweet Mango Chutney, all baked to perfection and topped with a coriander cream.  This dish is our MOST FLAVOUR BURSTING dish, nothing compares to this!!  I once had a client say “what was that I was eating?  I don’t care!! All I know is that it was a party in my mouth with every bite!”  Need I say more?
***Minimum order serves 4

3.  SIGNATURE DISH – Sheppard’s Pie

Red kidney beans layered with garlic kale and cauliflower mash.  Sometimes the most humble of dishes have the greatest impact!  I had no idea the reception this 3 ingredient meal would have on our fans, but man did they go crazy for this dish!! This is a family favourite win every time!
***Minimum order serves 2

4.  SIGNATURE DISH – Whole Roasted Cauliflower

cajun whole cauliflower catering

This is a show stopper centrepiece dish that presents beautifully at every table!  There is nothing like biting into that crunchy coated exterior with the interior just melting in your mouth.  Once you’ve had our whole roasted cauliflower, you’ll never go back.
Available in the following flavours;
    – East Indian Curry
    – Trinidadian Coconut Curry
    – Mediterranean
    – Thai Curry

5.  SIGNATURE DISH – Jackfruit Lettuce Wraps

Jackfruit cooked to perfection and served with a ranch style coleslaw.
***Minimum order serves 2

6.  SIGNATURE DISH – Lentil/quinoa/olive balls

lentil balls catering

Baked lentil/quinoa/olive balls served with a lemon/garlic tahini sauce.  This dish is one of the best to come out of Ki’s Kitchen.  Tasty with great textures, this is definitely a winning app!
***Minimum order serves 2.
Full Meals Menu

1.  Thai Love

– Sweet, fragrant coconut basmati rice
– Thai basil eggplant
– Red coconut curried vegetables with cabbage noodles
– Show stopping whole roasted massaman curried cauliflower

2.  Trinidad Calypso

trini veggie bowl catering

– Light, fluffy basmati rice
– Karhi (yellow split pea and chickpea thick soup to be eaten with rice)
– Coconut infused dasheen leaf spinach
– Crispy okra or bitter melon
– Roasted eggplant with garlic
– Ki’s Signature Coconut Chutney and Tamarind Chutney

3.  Inspiring India

paneer catering

– Light, fluffy cumin basmati rice
– Mattar Tofu – Sweet peas and tofu chunks cooked in a fragrant tomato sauce
– Cabbage, coconut, curry leaf warm slaw
– Show stopping whole roasted tandoori masala cauliflower