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In this day and age no one needs anymore proof that making your meals mainly plant-based is the way to go, if your intention is to live pain-free and with a strong immune system. Unfortunately for many, they believe that means fake meat products and lots of soy. While I have nothing against soy at all, as long as it is organic and consumed with moderation, it is not the only plant on the planet!! All too often I hear people say – “i want to eat more like a vegetarian. which aisle in the grocery has the vegetarian food?”
Quick note to all – vegetables grow out from the ground, not in a box. If you want to eat more plant-based meals, then buy more REAL vegetables, that Mother Nature made, and cook them, it’s that simple!
In Ki’s Kitchen we pride ourselves on being able create scrumptious meals that are made from 90% whole vegetables.
If you’re new to adding more plant-based meals to your diet, or want to learn more about spice combinations, book an in-home cooking class with Ki and she’ll teach you all you need to know. Click on this link to book your class today!

This week’s menu contains our #1 fan favourite dish – JACKFRUIT TACOS!!
Place your order today at –

Cost – $15/meal
Payment – email to
Delivery cost – $5/trip, pick up is available
Delivery area and date – Wednesday after 6pm Whitby through to Downtown Toronto. Thursday before noon – Markham/Richmond Hill, Oshawa.

Tuesday, June 4th – all orders must be received no later than 10am on Tues.
Tikka Masala spices smother the cauliflower as it roasts to perfection – soft and creamy on the inside, crisp on the outside. Turmeric, coconut and mustard seeds are the perfect spice paring for the the bed of sauteed cabbage. While spinach with cumin infused mushrooms, and ginger roasted chickpeas complete the flavour bursting profile. **chickpeas can be omitted upon request.
This meal is perfect for anyone looking for a #lowcarbmeal that is bursting with flavour. All of the ingredients used are ideal for anyone looking to decrease chronic inflammation. #feedyourjoy, not your pain.

Wednesday, June 5th – all orders must be received no later than 10am on Wed.
As promised as a thank you for your understanding for last week, here we are with you FAVOURITE DISH!! Jerk bbq flavoured jackfruit tacos with ranch slaw and black forbidden rice/kale/walnuts/hemp heart summer salad. ** rice and nuts can be omitted upon request.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve.
Sending you love, joy + gratitude,