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The other day I was out on deliveries and hungry. On my way home I was thinking of where I could stop to grab something to eat that would satisfy me, but also be good for my body’s needs. Everywhere I thought to go was either using too much sugar, bad oils or wrong food combining (which always gives me bad indigestion). After working all morning and afternoon, I really didn’t want to have to go home to make anything, so I settled on a place that’s known for their healthy offerings. While all the ingredients that they used would be considered healthy (with the exception of the canola oil), their quantities in balancing sweet with acidic, etc, gave me HORRIBLE indigestion. Needless to say, that’s not going to happen to me again.
People ask me all the time – Ki, can you make this dish that I had at such and such restaurant or can you make that dish?! The answer is yes, I can make anything out of anything, but I don’t. I choose to make meals that heal, that won’t give you indigestion, that will aid in your digestion and thereby aiding in boosting your immune system. You are NOT supposed to feel tired after a meal. You are NOT supposed to have gas after a meal. These are all signs that your digestive system is struggling. These are all symptoms you will NOT feel when eating a meal from Ki’s Kitchen. #tastethedifferenceFEELthedifference.
Please place your customised meal orders at this link –
Cost – $15/person or $40/family of 4 (2 adults + 2 children under 10)
Delivery – $5 – anywhere in the GTA
***Please note, due to the holiday monday, cooking days have changed only for this week.
Tuesday, Feb.19th – all orders must be received anytime before 10am on Tuesday.
– Thai style almond butter curried stir fried veggies with cabbage noodles, and miso roasted squash with mixed greens.
Almond butter with warm ginger, fragrant Thai basil, and healing turmeric make up a finger licking sauce, just perfect to bathe the crunchy veggies and cabbage noodles. Opposites attract with salty miso and sweet squash, it’s a flavour marriage made in heaven!
**miso optional.
Wednesday, Feb. 20th – all orders must be received anytime before 10am on Wednesday.
– Baked vegetable casserole
Layers of zucchini, squash and green beans and spinach are baked in a savoury cauliflower cream sauce, filled with healing herbs.
Thursday, Feb. 21st – all orders must be received anytime before 10am on Thursday.
– Kitchari with okra, curried green beans and dasheen leaf spinach.
According to Ayurveda, kitchari is one of THE MOST healing meals one can eat, whether you’re on a fast, or calming an irritable digestion, this is the meal to be had! Soft basmati rice is cooked with red lentils to form a complete protein. Healing spices like turmeric, ginger and cumin are added to aid in digestion. Accompanied by soft okra, crunchy green beans and savoury spinach, this meal is heaven on a plate!
From our kitchen to yours,