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Hi All,
i’ve missed not cooking for you.  it’s really a bit of strange feeling to be honest. I hope you and your family are all safe and living joyfully.  Hope you’re eating clean and as anti-inflammatory as possible!  While I’m off for the month (from cooking) I’ve made myself available to teach classes, workshops on digestion and anti-inflammatory foods, and offer private sessions so we can focus on you and your needs.
The past few months have been quite the roller coaster, wouldn’t you agree.  I mean between not working, clothes shrinking due to constant trips to the pantry and bingeing Netflix.  Or working from home but having one of your kids interrupt a meeting, just to ask if it’s time for a recess break from his homeschooling. Or having the rug of dependable support pulled out from under you leaving you feeling isolated.  Whatever the experience we’ve been through a lot!  Then you throw in the mental anguish of we all feel for and about the Black Lives Matter movement, no wonder we’ve all got IBS or some sort of anxiety!
Did you know, you hold your emotions in various parts of your body? For example, your anxiety is held in your digestive tract, and your anger or frustration is held in your liver.  For all who live with back pain, that’s where tension is stored.   
There are many ways to release these emotions.  One of them is through eating foods that support the various functions of your organs.
To make room for more good to come in, i need to get rid of some pent up emotions.  So over the next couple of weeks I’m putting my family and myself on Ki’s Creation Cleanse!  You’re welcome to join me on this journey for as much or as little of it as you want! Please feel free to SHARE this Creation Cleanse with whomever you choose.  Here’s what I will be doing – 
Morning routine –
1. giving thanks for waking up in my present human body, before exiting the bed
2. set up 2 cups warm lemon water to steep
3. bathroom routine, including a good bm
4. drink 1 cup lemon water
5. prayers, gratitude and meditation/deep breathing/quiet time 
6. drink greens detoxing drink NOT protein shake, just greens. ** MUST HAVE spirulina and or chlorella, a cruiferous and dark leafy green blend in it, and be plant based.
all greens.jpg
7. finish second cup of lemon water and take vitamins and herbal Ayurvedic supplements
8. morning exercise (part 1) – speed walk  ** you do whatever you like that brings you joy and gets your heart rate up.
9.  breakfast – 
option 1.  – 1/2 cup berries (fresh or frozen either must be room temp) with raw, unsalted soaked nuts (walnuts and/or almonds), seeds (hulled hemp hearts, ground flax, raw unsalted pumpkin and sunflower seeds), with digestive strengthening spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, green cardamom)
option 2 – bumble crumble (baked oatmeal) all the ingredients of option 1 with 1/4 cup steel cut or rolled oats (no quick cook oats) and a slight bit of vanilla extract, a little non dairy milk and bake in the oven at 375F for 20-25min or till slightly brown.
baked oatmeal raspberry.jpg
option 3 – porridge with all the ingredients from option 1 with 1/4 cup oats or millet or quinoa.
option 4. – fruit shake or smoothie bowl.  all the ingredients of option 1, all room temp.
 ** eat any fruit you like listed on
no more than 1/2 cup and remember to eat only similar fruits together. no mixed fruit salads.  ie. any berries and cherries together, any melons together, any citrus together, any stone fruits together.
9. wait 45 min then drink lemon water or other infused room temp water.  if you’re still hungry in between, have another fruit until 1130-12pm   if you have a weak digestive system drink CCF tea or Ki’s Bloat Buster tea.  CCF is 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp coriander seeds, and 1 tsp fennel seeds all boiled together for 20min.
10.  Lunch  1130-2pm
Big salad with nuts, seeds, heavy protein with starchy carb.
– salad must be 80% raw dark leafy greens (for people with weak digestive systems or hypothyroidism, lightly stir fry the veggies for just a minute or two until they turn bright green, then eat).
– 1/2 cup cruciferous veg
– 1/4 cup any raw unsalted nuts and seeds
– 1/4 to 1/2 avocado (if you can get it)
– homemade dressing from extra virgin cold pressed olive oil*optional, and herbs and spices, nutritional yeast (if you can find it).  for a cream dressing use egg free mayo or tahini sauce.  no dressings with sugar, no fruit, no dairy.
– heavy protein – preferably vegetarian. 1/3 cup beans of any kind, but only 1 kind at a time ie. chickpeas or lupini beans, or kidney beans or black beans, or edamame or tofu or bean pasta.  for non-vegetarians in week 1 choose chicken or other poultry listed under  
– starchy carb – 1/2 cup of any potato or sweet potato or yam other root veggie, or 1 slice of sprouted or fermented bread (no sugar added) or 1 small whole grain bun, or 1/2 cup durum semolina pasta  or 1/3 cup basmati or black rice or millet. 
– 1/4 cup fermented food like sugar free saurkraut or kimchi
lupini bean salad.jpg
11.  lemon water or infused water or digestive tea or sugar free kombucha or cold pressed fruit or veggie juice.
12.  snack ONLY for week 1 ONLY if truly hungry – 2 Tbsp hummus with veggie sticks or chocolate/nut butter energy bombs or dates with nut butter and cacao nibs or a fruit.
energy bomb chocolate coconut almond.jpg
13.  Dinner 5:30-7:30pm 
– 80% cooked veggies, minimum 3 different kinds, all that grow above the ground, no corn.
– light protein – preferably vegetarian – ie lentils 1/2 cup cooked, or organic tofu, or tempeh.  for non vegetarians, seafood, same 1/2 cup. 
– no sauces that contain sugar.  if you’re making a homemade sauce, use no more than 1Tbsp maple syrup.  Use lots of dried and fresh herbs with spices to bring zeal to your meal!
cauliflower taco.jpg
14. Dessert *optional – 45min after dinner
– chia mousse. use unsweetened cocoa powder with a hint of maple syrup.
 no fruit
desserts chocolate chia mousse.jpg
15. Tea 
– a digestive aiding tea like Ki’s Ayurvedic Turmeric tea or Bloat Buster Tea or Masala Chai or any calming tea.
16.  Night time gratitude, forgiveness and release prayer.
– caffeine (you can drink coffee, but no caffeine), no energy drinks of any kind.
– dairy – milk, cheese, cream, cottage cheese, ricotta, paneer, yogurt.  for a yogurt substitute choose plant based or coconut kefir.
– sugar, including coconut sugar, jaggery, palm sugar, etc. alternatives could be a small amount of raw unpasteurised honey or maple syrup or monk fruit or xylitol.
– anything deep fried or shallow pan fried.  basically anything that involves more than 1 tsp of oil.  suitable alternative, stir fried.
– all animal fats and vegetable oil, canola oil (unless it’s a very small amount and cold pressed), safflower oil.  acceptable alternates are coconut, olive, grape seed, avocado, walnut, almond, macadamia oil, sesame or mustard oil.
– no takeout unless the place you’re ordering from follows the cleanse guidelines.
**NOTE – if you are diabetic, please keep a strict eye on testing you sugar levels to avoid a sugar low.  eat when you need to.
As i said in the beginning, this is what I am doing for myself and my family. It’s based on Ayurvedic food timing and combining, as well as Dr. William Li’s Eat to Beat guidelines.  
If you’ve been feeling sluggish, or your clothes have been shrinking, or you’re just tired of being sick and tire, then give some or all of this a try.  If it seems too much for you to try everything, then just pick a couple of the numbers and run with that them for a week, see how you feel.
I will be posting pics of food and meal ideas with benefits as we go along.  Feel free to reach out to me if you need motivation to continue or food inspiration.  For meal ideas use the pics and recipes i’ve shared on the Ki’s Kitchen facebook and instagram pages.
It’s time to clear out what’s not working for me (and you), and make space for the good that’s on it’s way! 
To all of you who reached out to me to discuss you personal health situation, I sent you each an email last week with a link to book a free discovery session.  If you didn’t see the email, here’s the link again for you.  Please book so we can talk, i’m available and here for you. –
Feed Your Joy y’all, not your pain.
with love + gratitude,