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Your metabolism starts to wind down from 3pm onwards. After 6pm the kind of food that is most welcomed by your digestive system should be light, easily broken down foods, mainly plant-based, with light protein. If you eat animal based protein, try to stick to organic, free range chicken or organic fish at this time of day. By following the needs of your digestive system, you increase your overall health.
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Cost of meals – $15/person
Cost of delivery – $5/trip
Delivery date – downtown toronto, whitby to etobicoke will be delivered on wednesday evening. Markham and Oshawa will be delivered on Thursday morning. ** please note, salads will be made fresh before delivery.
Payment – etransfer to
Order –
Tuesday, July 16th – all orders must be received before 10am on Tuesday
Basil is an exemplary flavour of summer. There’s nothing like freshly chopped basil in a salad or pizza to take you back to some of your favourite summer meals. Ki’s Protein Power Pesto is one of the very best ways to make use of this extremely healing herb. Did you know that, not only does basil help to keep the body alkaline, it also helps to reduce depression due to stress, and helps stroke patients recover safer and faster. For today’s meal we will smother zucchini noodles in our #dairyfree flavour bursting pesto, and serve with a perfect kale/lupini bean salad. ** beans can be omitted for those not eating.
Wednesday, July 17th – all orders must be received before 10am on Wednesday.
Due to unexpected circumstances i was not able to prepare this meal for the many of you who ordered. I’ve brought it back onto the menu so you do not miss out. PLEASE NOTE – for all who ordered last week, your order will be made fresh this week and delivered as promised. For those who missed out on ordering – today is your lucky day!!
Baja Faux Fish Tacos – Did you know that sustainably sourced hearts of palm resemble the texture of white fish? Combine those hearts of palm, with Ki’s incredible sense of seasoning and you’ve got a lip smacking healing-foods dinner ready to go!! This dish is served with a delicious dark leafy green salad. A perfect summer meal, that’s light and easy to digest. ** let us know if you would prefer your tacos served as lettuce wraps.
Have you tried Ki’s NEXT-LEVEL fudgy brownies yet??!! They are to die for scrumptious!! Purchase a package at $5 this week for your summer road trip or as a finger licking treat at work. As always, everything out of Ki’s Kitchen is gluten-free and sugar-free.
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