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Here in Ki’s Kitchen one of our missions is to teach you simple ways lead an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. How to add more plant-based foods to your meals decreasing heart related issues. How to use spices and herbs to highlight the natural beauty in the vegetables so everything taste scrumptious and lower your stress levels. How to combine your foods to avoid disrupting the digestive system and cause acid reflux and GI issues. What time of day to eat your meals for optimal digestion, etc. We do this through our in-home and online cooking classes AND through our meal delivery service. One meal from us covers everything you need to know, but how would you know if you’ve never tried one? Here’s my rule of thumb – follow an anti-inflammatory lifestyle 5 out of 7 days, keep one day for splurging and the other day for easing back into anti-inflammatory. Try one of our meals today, test the waters, help your body get back into its natural self-healing mode #tastethedifferenceFEELthedifference a Ki’s Kitchen meal makes.

Cost – $15/meal or $40/2 adults and 2 children under 10
Delivery – $5/across the GTA, meals will be delivered on Wednesday evening
All meals are – gluten/egg/dairy/sugar/corn/peanut-free and customised to suit your needs.
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Menu 👇🏼

Monday, April 8th – cut off time to order 10am Monday
Cauliflower jambalaya – this dish is traditionally made with rice and spicy meats, but we’ve made some changes to it, turning it into an immune-boosting bowl of deliciousness! Loaded with mushrooms, tomatoes, celery, zucchini, cauliflower and an array of fresh herbs and cajun spices make this plant-base jambalaya a flavourful dish to savour.

Tuesday, April 9th

Mexican spiced shepherd’s pie – talk about fusion! Mexico meets Ireland? You wouldn’t think it would work, but Mexican inspired flavours put such a tasty spin on the traditional dish that you keep going back for more! Topped off with Ki’s famous cauliflower mash and we’re in heaven!

Wednesday, April 10th – cut off time to order 10am Wednesday
Orzo with lentil pelau – This traditional rice and peas Trinidadian staple takes on an extra special sweetness when made with orzo pasta and lentils. Smothered in sweet coconut milk and healing herbal greens, one bowl is simply not enough!

The word you want to always remember is – anti-inflammatory. Keep asking yourself – what i’m about to put it my body, is it hindering or helping (anti-inflammatory), then you’ll easily make better decisions.

Thank you for giving us the blessing to serve you.