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We live in a busy, stressed out, world. In North America specifically, stress is rampant, and our health is suffering. Anxiety is at an all time high. The American Psychological Association noted that in 2017, 63% of us were stressed out about the future in general, with money and career following close behind.  

Though these are important issues it doesn’t help that the food we are consuming is causing us, you guessed it, more stress and anxiety.

How many of you know where your food comes from?

If you are like the average North American, you go shopping every week at the grocery store and may have no idea where the meat, fruits, and vegetables that you are purchasing are from. You assume what you are eating is safe or they wouldn’t sell it right? One the best things you can do is educate yourself on your food!

I am shocked how many people don’t do this.

What you are putting into your body affects you on every level.

Foods that Contribute to Stress or Anxiety

Now, I don’t want to attack meat eaters here, but it’s been scientifically proven that extra adrenaline and cortisol, amongst a host of other chemicals, produced by animals at slaughter, affect our system once consumed. 

Basically, if people are going to eat meat, they should make sure they’re consuming “happy” animals, meaning, those who were treated with;

  • love and proper care
  • farm
  • free range
  • grass fed
  • not factory raised

Factory raised animals to undergo a tremendous amount of daily stress and trauma.  Just like humans who are under stress, excess chemicals are produced in their bodies, then that gets mixed with our own when we consume them and throws our entire mind/body system out of wack. 

As much as I think this is an important message, I certainly don’t want to come off as attacking meat eaters; people just need to be conscious of where their food comes from.

Turkey and salmon, for example, are fantastic foods to help with anxiety but be sure to know where they are coming from.

Foods that can help Reduce Anxiety

If you aren’t eating a good breakfast everyday, here is a reason to start! Eggs are great if you are looking to curb anxiety. Eggs are an excellent source of good fats, and we actually need those fats for healthy brain function. This of course falls out of a vegan diet or strict vegetarian diet, but a viable option for those who still consume eggs. 

Some studies have suggested that gluten may affect your mental health as well. So, foods like sweet potatoes, rice, and beans that are naturally gluten-free are great sources of nutrition and help to reduce anxiety.

In general, a vegetarian diet, low in sugars, artificial and natural, is excellent for combating anxiety and depression. Vegetables are high in an abundance of vitamins and nutrients that lead to optimal health.

I suggest … 

  • Asparagus due to it’s folic acid content.
  • Avocado for healthy brain function
  • Blueberries for their antioxidant properties
  • Almonds — rich in B2 and E
  • Oranges for their vitamin C content
  • Spinach for its magnesium
  • You might also want to try supplementing with Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an herb that is very good at helping to calm. Those with any type of anxiety and specifically agoraphobia, anxiety when in crowded places, can benefit from taking it.

It helps inhibit the stress hormone cortisol because it is an adaptogenic herb and helps us cope with stress. Taking a supplement of Ashwagandha can help lower our stress and anxiety and balance out our cortisol. Any why is cortisol bad? When we produce too much cortisol as a result of stress our hormones get out of wack and eventually that leads to increased anxiety and even depression.

Not only does Ashwagandha help with anxiety, but it has also been studied for its benefits to lower inflammation, to help Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disorders, and can even be used in cancer treatment.

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